Men’s fashion special: what happened in the 70s, stays in the 70s

D.I.S.C.O…Does that word remind you of the 1970s?  Well, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the 70s. Disco v.s. alternative rock. Long hair for women and men. And what are 70s without beards and moustaches? Remember that I did a retro fashion blog serie? There are few eras that are undoubtedly in my toplist when it comes to fashion, class and appearance. Starting with the classy 1950s, closely followed by the swinging sixties. The practical and redefined 1940s and roaring twenties have a respectable third and fourth place.
The extravagant era
Then we have the era that I want to talk about today. An era that gives me mixed feelings. The 1970s. I blogged about The flower power 70s before. But this era deserved a men special. When it comes to flower power I’m in. For women that is. Men and flowers, not so much. (Of course they are always …