Oriental Spice Modern Vintage blogger red tassel earrings tiki pinup
Oriental Spice Modern Vintage Blogger tassel earrings H&M oriental pinup

I have to admit it. I like big earrings and I cannot lie. Next to the classic pearls, big earrings are my best friends when it comes to my favorite modern vintage accessories. I do like them a little bit different. For a typical oriental meets retro look, I often use Indian style earrings. You may have seen some examples in my blog post about my Oriental meets Retro looks.

However, Indian earrings are often heavy, not very wearable for more than a few hours and most importantly: they have ripped more scarves than I can count. So I leave those for the Spring and Summer days.

Since last Autumn, I’ve found the perfect balance between big earrings and keeping my scarves ripped free: tassel earrings. My appreciation for tassel earrings is growing and growing and with that I am obviously expanding my tassel earrings collection. So what’s the deal with those earrings?

Oriental Spice and some Chocolate retro tassel earrings look

5 reasons to wear tassel earrings

  1. I’ve already mentioned it: they don’t rip your scarf, top, coat or any other piece of clothing that can be ripped.
  2. You can wear them all day because they are as light as a feather.
  3. If you think it’s a little bit too much for daytime (or at work), but you’re having dinner plans afterward: take out your tassel earrings and within 10 seconds you’re after work proof.
  4. Instant senorita vibes. These earrings are very wearable for a not-so-typical modern vintage (summer) look.
  5. It’s a perfect accessory for those colorful days. If you’re wearing black or white, these are the perfect accessories to make your colorful point and after that you’re done!
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Oriental Spice Modern Vintage blogger red tassel earrings tiki pinup

*All the tassel earrings I’m wearing are from H&M.

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