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When it comes to retro fashion I am a big fan of certain accessories. Today I want to shine some light on (mini) hats. I love them for several reasons, but here is a list of 5 reasons why (mini) hats should make a comeback in everyday fashion:

1. Instant Rainproof

A big floppy hat is perfect for those rainy days. And we have a lot of those in the Netherlands. Besides that, it also gives a little bit of protection to your styled hair. Not always applicable if you have long hair by the way. So I usually tuck my hair in my coat during winter days. Of course wind is definitely not a hat’s friend. So in that case, buy a hat that isn’t gone with the wind in a few seconds.

vintage hats style

2. Not so typical hair accessory with minimal effort.

Yes, I actually love to create looks the efficient way, so with minimal effort. If a big floppy hat is not your thing, but you would like to try out a style with hats, try a mini-hat! Obviously not very useful in the rain, but very fashionable. Do a hair updo to make the mini-hat stand out more. Or just style your hair like you would normally do it.

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Mini hats vintage inspired look

3. Instant classiness

In the current world, you don’t see a lot of hats in the streets. Although it could be very useful for reason number 1. Besides that, you can put (and leave) your hat on for some instant classiness and it only costs you a few seconds.

1920s inspired hats style

4. Sun protection

Summer is the perfect time to wear hats, but don’t leave those hats hanging around your closet only to wear them on summer holidays. Even during our own spring and summer days the sun can damage your hair and your skin. Next to your regular sun protection, a hat always protects your hair and face a little bit extra.

5. Timeless accessory

Spring, summer or winter...hats are timeless. You can wear them any season and you can transform your outfit into a vintage inspired outfit by just wearing a hat. Also, there are hats for every decade. Are you into the 70s? Then the floppy hat is perfect. Do you like the 50s and 60s? Wear an oversized glamorous hat for example with a ribbon. Success guaranteed. So you can put and leave your hat on…

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retro hats style

Back to the fifties festival polkadots and a cadillac

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