Want to look vintage chic, without too much effort? Then I have 3 easy braided vintage long hairstyles that you’ll want to try! Curling your hair in the evening is all fun and games. Until you want to sleep comfortable.

Or spend your spare time wisely by watching a Netflix serie including a handsome Scottish men with natural curly hair. Or sleeping in until 8.40 when you have a meeting at 9.00 AM. Or maybe you just want to sit back and relax and think about all the food that you want to eat. It’s the little things in life that spark joy these days.

The last few weeks were a combination of all the above for me. The advantage for me is: I get creative when I’m feeling lazy, because I want that vintage chic look with the least amount of effort. Curling long hair can take a lot of time, especially when you want to achieve vintage hairstyles.

The good news is: you can easily create vintage hairstyles without vintage waves/curls! Check out the following how-to’s for 3 easy braided vintage long hairstyles.

1940s: Braid with flowers

You have lazy days and really lazy days. What to do on a really lazy day? Well…all you need is a braid and a flower garland!

How to create this vintage hairstyle

  1. Tease a few front locks of your hair and add some volume powder. Check out the video to see my favorite teasing brush.
  2. Take a small section of hair at the front and twist it. Secure on the back with a bobby pin. Always use matte bobby pins if you have long, heavy hair. Those stay in place for much longer than the shiny ones!
  3. Braid the rest of your hair in a regular braid on the side.
  4. Fold your braid if you have really long hair like me. I prefer my braid to be a bit shorter, since the flower garland is also not super long.
  5. If you have a flower garland like mine, it probably already has bobby pins. So you only have to secure the bobby pin at the beginning and end of the braid. If not, then you can use a few similar hairflowers in a row.
  6. Pro tips: For extra 40s vibes, wear a blouse with ruffles. Do you love colour matching as much as I do? Wear a lipstick in a similar colour as your hair flowers.
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1960s: Big hair with a braided twist

I like big hair and I cannot lie. But I don’t always like to tease. When I think about 60s big hair, I also think about a lot teasing. Which is not very pleasing, when you have to brush it out of long hair. At least, not for my hair. The solution? A hair piece, or in my case: a cut open hair donut. I use those hair donuts for everything except their actual purpose. Find out how you can easily create a fake big hair look with a hair donut!

How to create this vintage hairstyle

  1. Brush it, brush it good!
  2. Secure the cut open donut on top of your head with bobby pins on each side.
  3. Grab a few big hair sections and put them over the donut. Secure with bobby pins.
  4. Push the hair a bit (as I’m showing in the video), to create an extra big hair effect.
  5. Braid the rest of your hair. Pull the braid for an extra voluminious braid.
  6. Don’t forget to add a hair flower!
  7. …and some hairspray to smooth out fly outs.
  8. Wear a dress and accessories that give you boho 60s vibes and you’re ready to rock and roll!
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3. 1940s + 1950s: Braid and beret

What I love most about Autumn and Winter? It’s beret season! So obviously, we need a braid with beret style. I discovered this style thanks to a hair tutorial from Marla Von Duta. Definitely check out her Instagram account where she always gives so much vintage hairstyle inspiration for short and long hair!

How to create this vintage hairstyle

  1. Put some dry shampoo in your hair. I am using one especially for brown hair. I usually use dry shampoo for extra volume. And it works best when your hair is kinda dirty!
  2. Gettin” jiggy with it while you massage dry shampoo into your scalp. I also add some volume powder for extra body.
  3. Brush through. Usually I add some hair serum or a drop of oil to smooth most fly outs.
  4. Make a regular, low braid on one side.
  5. Lay the braid on top of your head.
  6. Add bobby pins to tame wild fly outs, add a colourful beret and you’re done!

That’s it for now. Looking for some more easy vintage long hairstyles? Follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration!

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