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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m part of the ‘#longhairdocare but don’t cut’ movement.  When I look at vintage hairstyles back in the day, half long hair was most common. That’s also a trend I see on Instagram. On the other hand, I love my (vintage) long hair too much to cut it into a very short haircut. So what to do when you want to create a vintage hairstyle with very long hair? Well it’s easy, give your own long-haired spin to it. In fact, it’s easier then you think to create a long hairstyle that gives you vintage vibes!

The secret? Well, my hair is way too long for those foam rollers (or any other rollers). Tried most of them and they just don’t work for me. So I have two options (also depending on the style that I want to create):

The (16mm) curling iron

I have wavy hair, but when I want to enhance my waves I use the curling iron. I never curl all the hair from the top. I am too impatient for that ;-). So I usually take a few front sections out and make a pony tail. I only curl the hair in the pony tail. I take the front sections out, because I want the wave to start from the top on those sections. This method is the base for all the hair styles that you see below. When I go for the 60s style, I brush the waves out more than when I’m aiming for 1950s vibes. And as you can see, accessories and clothes can make a huge difference.

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The Sea Salt spray method

When I don’t have time, usually on workdays, I use the following method for loose beach waves. I wash my hair and let it dry naturally (I actually never blow dry my hair). After that, I spray my hair with a sea salt spray and make one or two braids. I use a sea salt spray from our local shop (Etos). Sleep on it and…voila: loose waves.I have to say this works much easier if you have a little bit of waves yourself compared to very straight hair.

Below you can find a few of my greatest vintage long hair hits where I used one of these methods. The movie at the end of this post is a perfect example of the sea salt method. Questions or interested in my retro lifestyle: find me on Instagram & Facebook!





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