Want to look vintage chic, without too much effort? Then I have 3 easy braided vintage long hairstyles that you’ll want to try! Curling your hair in the evening is all fun and games. Until you want to sleep comfortable.

Or spend your spare time wisely by watching a Netflix serie including a handsome Scottish men with natural curly hair. Or sleeping in until 8.40 when you have a meeting at 9.00 AM. Or maybe you just want to sit back and relax and think about all the food that you want to eat. It’s the little things in life that spark joy these days.

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Collage small businesses vintage and retro jewelry

For the love of small businesses: vintage and retro jewelry

Although my subtle hair flower addiction may be getting out of hand (currenty more than 80 hair flowers), the vintage and retro jewelry department is still mostly under control. Years ago, when I was searching for unique retro earrings, I discovered…
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Classic Hollywood: a tale from the dark side

America. The post-WWII years. You're young and full of dreams and one of your dreams is to become a movie actor/actress. So, where do you go to make your aspiring acting dreams come true: Hollywood. The question is, how does one become a Hollywood…
Headband curls vintage hairstyle long haircollage

My headband curls diary

With all this extra time at home, you can become a masterchef, but you can also become your own personal hairstylist. A few weeks ago I joined a 14-days vintage hairstyle challenge on Instagram (a blog about that challenge and previous vintage…
Oriental Spice and some ChocolateOriental Spice and some Chocolate

I like big (magical) cups and I cannot lie

If you receive gifts from me on a regular basis, you'll know that I love to buy original, fun gifts. (Don't ask me to wrap them nicely though, it's not one of my many great talents). Well, it won't come as a surprise that I also love to pick…
coverpic vintage long hairstyles

10 greatest vintage long hairstyle hits

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm part of the '#longhairdocare but don't cut' movement.  When I look at vintage hairstyles back in the day, half long hair was most common. That's also a trend I see on Instagram. On the other hand,…
Ava Gardner The secret conversations

Ava Gardner - The secret (and witty) conversations

The year is 1988. I am living my relaxed 2 year old baby life including wild activities like sleeping, eating & playing on repeat. Somewhere else in the world Ava Gardner starts her secret conversations with writer Peter Evans about her…