coverpic vintage long hairstyles

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m part of the ‘#longhairdocare but don’t cut’ movement.  When I look at vintage hairstyles back in the day, half long hair was most common. That’s also a trend I see on Instagram. On the other hand, I love my (vintage) long hair too much to cut it into a very short haircut. So what to do when you want to create a vintage hairstyle with very long hair? Well it’s easy, give your own long-haired spin to it. In fact, it’s easier then you think to create a long hairstyle that gives you vintage vibes!

The secret? Well, my hair is way too long for those foam rollers (or any other rollers). Tried most of them and they just don’t work for me. So I have two options (also depending on the style that I want to create): Read more

Ava Gardner The secret conversations

Ava Gardner - The secret (and witty) conversations

The year is 1988. I am living my relaxed 2 year old baby life including wild activities like sleeping, eating & playing on repeat. Somewhere else in the world Ava Gardner starts her secret conversations with writer Peter Evans about her…
Featured image Dolly and Dotty black and white swing dress - blog

Vintage glamour on a stormy day with Dolly and Dotty

A few days ago, I received a beautiful dress of retro brand Dolly and Dotty*. A very classic black and white striped swing dress. Obviously I wanted to take a stroll in this dress. Preferably a vintage, glamour stroll on a very casual day. This…

South Asian meets retro with Daisy Jean Floral Designs

The retro world of today leads to a lot of creativity and opportunities. You have the freedom and space to create authentic vintage style looks, you can mix different eras to create your unique look and you can give your own cultural touch…

Musical legacy: The legendary Elvis comeback special (1968)

He has been on my favorite playlists for years and I saw a bunch of his 29 movies, but I had never seen him perform on the big screen. That's why I was pleasantly surprised when local cinemas broadcasted the Elvis Presley comeback special…

Travel blog: The Cuba effect I didn't expect

It was around the 1st of January when my retro bestie and I decided that we needed to travel more. Now you should know that I am anti-New Year's Resolutions, but I am definitely pro-travel! Things evolved quickly from there and the excitement…
The Tattooist of Auschwitz - De tattoeëerder van Auschwitz

A story to remember: The tattooist of Auschwitz

It’s a random Monday evening when I decide to read a book that I've saved for this time of the year. 2 hours and 130 pages later, I put the book away. Reluctantly. This is the kind of book that I would like to read in one night, but there’s…