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Expect the unexpected…

It’s a funny thing about life: you often get what you don’t expect. While you you’re busy living your life, expectations arise…about work, love, friends, family and the future. The thing with expectations is, that they can rise up to a level in which they become unrealistic. And if you’re blindsighted by your unrealistic expectations, you might lose the best things that could have happened to you.
People often tell you, you shouldn’t settle for less then the best. But what is the best?

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Some things will never change…

April 9, 2012 | Retro Lifestyle | 0 comments

So I was in my old-hollywood-movie-mood again. As I watched some movies I realised, some things will never change. Ofcourse technology had changed 180 degrees from 1950 till now. And sure… the material life as we know it was unthinkable back in the days. But certain things will always stay the same…:
– Men will be men (Some like it hot, 1959)
– Diamonds & pearls are still a girl’s best friend (80% of the movies from let’s say…1920 till now)
– We still like good dancing… (Fred Astaire / Gene Kelly  movies)
– And great sense of humour (Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin)
– Sense of great fashion style (Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and many more..)

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Just one moment can change everything

November 9, 2011 | Inspirational column | 1 comment

At this moment:
– A person is fighting for his/her life
– A baby is welcomed into this world
– A relationship ends
– Someone falls in love
– A friendship is broken off
– A long lost friend is found
– A person is remembering the passing of a friend / family member
– It’s someone’s birthday

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Life is too short…

…to spend on worrying about what other people think of you
…to spend time on a friend who turns out to be a so-called friend
…to listen to everyone BUT yourself
…to spend time on people who give you “bad vibes”
…to remain angry about issues from the past. Deal with it or (try to) get over it
…to change into someone you don’t wanna be, just because people/society expect it from you
…to be sad. “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”
…to want to impress people you don’t like, you’ll probably never like and who don’t deserve your attention
…to be a copycat, because you’re best at being YOU