History of high heels: From manly to ultimate femininity

May 23, 2013 | Vintage Fashion | 0 comments

High heels: we all love them. Nowadays they symbolize femininity. Women love to wear them, men love to watch women with high heels pass by. Meanwhile wondering: how do they walk on those things.… Which is an art indeed, because originally high heeled shoes weren’t meant for walking (or running or whatsoever).
In fact, they weren’t even meant for women in the first place, but for (high classed) men!
Rewind to the 1600s. Men were the first who wore a heeled shoe. A high heeled shoe for men indicated great wealth and was therefore a symbol of status. The more uncomfortable and non-practical the shoe was, the bigger your status…
Back then, heeled shoes were seen as a masculine accessoire. This shoe, a 17th century persian shoe (originally made for horse riding), caused a craze in the 17th century:

This craze also affected women. Fashion and style for women was quite manly back then: …