The Classic Hollywood face swap files

The Classic Hollywood face swap files

Classic Hollywood face swap blog

It all started with couch potato activities last Tuesday when I came home after a nice dinner. Yes, couch potato activities can be very good for your creativity. Since I use Snapchat only for the filters, I decided to check if there were some new filters added that day. After chuckling about a hilarious filter, I decided to try out the “face swap with another picture” option. It’s actually a filter that I always skip. But not anymore. I finally understand the “hype” of this filter.

So, I started using this filter with some mini-me pictures. I can tell you that it is actually quite scary to face swap with old pictures of yourself. It’s Vintage meets Present on a whole other level. Then I decided to take it a little bit more seriously and I searched for other pictures. I actually just took a random picture that I saved a while back, which happened to be a vintage art painting of Classic Hollywood actress Gene Tierney. My Classic Hollywood face swap fun began. I decided to make a few Classic Hollywood face swap selfies during the week. I swapped with Classic Hollywood actresses because I did want to look a little bit realistic. (I am still gonna do that face swap with Paul Newman though).

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The nice thing about the Classic Hollywood actresses is that they obviously looked totally different than me. Especially when it comes to the popular pictures of these icons that a lot of people probably have seen. Short to medium wavy hair was actually the standard in Classic Hollywood world. So how funny would it be if you do a face swap Classic Hollywood style if your appearance is the total opposite? Oriental meets Retro comes alive. Literally. Ever seen Elizabeth Taylor or Rita Hayworth with a long braid? Or Hedy Lamarr & Rita Hayworth with very long black hair? Probably not. Well, there is a first time for everything.

So here is the vintage photo vibe result of my Classic Hollywood face swap experiment. My personal favorites: Hedy Lamarr, Greta Garbo and Rita Hayworth. Which one is your favorite face swap?

1. It all started with this one: Gene Tierney

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Gene Tierney


2. Gina Lollobrigida

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Gina Lollobrigida


3. Merle Oberon

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Merle Oberon


4. Rita Hayworth

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Rita Hayworth


5. Marilyn Monroe

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Marilyn Monroe


6. Greta Garbo

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Greta Garbo


7. Grace Kelly

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Grace Kelly


8. Lucille Ball

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Lucille Ball


9. Dorothy Dandridge

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Classic Hollywood Face swap - Dorothy Dandridge


10. Hedy Lamarr

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Hedy Lamarr


10. Elizabeth Taylor

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Elizabeth Taylor


12. Natalie Wood

Classic Hollywood Face swap - Natalie Wood

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